The future of viewing live sport and entertainment in stadia


C360 is the future of live sport and entertainment viewing. Giving a unique 360 ° experience , C360 gives spectators the opportunity to view all the action like never before!


C360 can be easily integrated into new designs, and retrofitted into most existing stadiums and arenas around the world. An innovative advancement of existing technologies, the pods are computer-controlled using laser sensors to guide their path 360 ° around the stadium.


Spectators board each C360 pod from a suite inside the stadium before the event starts. The pods then cruise slowly and smoothly around the stadium, providing an unrivalled view from every angle.


Each individual pod includes digital advertising space on the front, delivering lucrative opportunities and revenue streams. Pods also include interactive screens and on-board food and beverage facilities.


C360 is the future of sport and entertainment stadium viewing
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C360 is a world first in stadium viewing, creating an amazing, unrivalled, experience that guarantees spectators will enjoy all the action like never before. C360 is the future of sport and entertainment viewing and is the first mobile viewing system in the world!

With a global patent and based on proven safety technology, C360 pods slowly cruise around the stadium offering the most exciting viewing experience development in 2000 years! Giving unobstructed views, the signature model has 10 luxury seats. Each pod can be personalised to club specifications, or branded for corporate sponsors, featuring interactive screens and on-board food and beverage facilities. C360 boasts a low energy output and can be powered by renewable energy sources. With many elements fabricated off-site, installation time is minimised significantly, and for most retrofit projects would be achievable in one off-season period.

C360 will become the pinnacle of global stadium innovation, whilst delivering the most desirable VIP and hospitality experience in the world!

Why Your Venue Needs C360…

For all international stadia and arenas, the need for innovation is constant. C360 offers a unique experience and, whether implemented in the renovation of an existing venue, or the construction of a new one, it not only maximises fan engagement, but delivers incredible commercial opportunities.

C360 will create high streams of revenue for any stadium or arena. C360 will revolutionise the VIP market as we know it, and make your stadium the first choice for corporate hospitality!

Revenues will increase from extra hospitality ticket sales and deliver more stadium tour visitors. Executive suites behind the goal will now also receive the same view as suites on the hallway line enabling a more evenly distributed revenue than those in traditional stadia. Additionally, you could even have extra pods that you can raffle for each match or event. Every pod has lucrative digital advertising space on the front, and greatly enhances the value of stadium naming rights. The concept will also make your venue highly competitive in attracting the most prestigious global sporting events and concerts.


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