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The Experience

The future of viewing live sport and entertainment in stadia

Viewing Experience

Viewing Experience

Experience the game like never before with the C360 Stadium Pods! Offering a unique 360° perspective, C360 provides spectators with unparalleled views of all the action. Spectators embark on each pod from a suite within the stadium prior to the event, allowing them to cruise smoothly around the venue and witness every moment from every angle.



Discover the cutting-edge technology of Stadium Pods (C360)! Seamlessly integratable into new stadium designs or retrofitable into existing arenas worldwide, these pods represent an innovative leap forward. Controlled by advanced computer systems and laser sensors, C360 pods effortlessly navigate a full 360° path around the stadium, ensuring spectators don't miss a single moment of the action.



Each pod offers prime digital advertising space on its front, opening up lucrative revenue opportunities. Additionally, enjoy interactive screens and onboard food and beverage facilities for a fully immersive experience.

“C360 is the future of live sport and entertainment viewing.”

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Our Manufacturing Partner - Simworx

Simworx are recognised as world leaders in the design, development and manufacture of 3D and 4D dynamic media-based attractions, dark rides and effects cinemas for the theme park and entertainment industry.



For all international stadia and arenas, the need for innovation is constant. C360 offers a unique experience, whether implemented in the renovation of an existing venue, or the construction of a new one, elevates your stadium to a higher standard.

Elevate your Stadium

C360 will make your venue highly competitive in attracting the most prestigious global sporting events and concerts. Revolutionising the VIP market as we know it, and make your stadium the first choice for corporate hospitality.

Distributed Revenue

All executive suites regardless of their position around the stadium with C360, will all receive the same viewing experience therefore enabling a higher, more evenly distributed revenue than those in a traditional stadium.

Incremental Revenue Streams

Every pod has lucrative digital advertising space on the front, as well as utilising Digital Touch interfaces that offer the services such as food and beverage ordering, advertising, in-game betting and fantasy football

Energy Efficient

C360 boasts a low energy output and can be powered by renewable energy sources.

Quick Construction

With many elements fabricated off-site, installation time is minimised significantly, and for most retrofit projects would be achievable in one off-season period.

A world first in stadium viewing

Slow cruising speed allows ease of access at all times

Our Vision

This groundbreaking concept promises to redefine corporate hospitality, offering visitors an unforgettable experience. We’re confident that C360 will be a resounding success, leaving spectators with memories to cherish and conversations to spark for years to come!

Glenn Hoddle

C360 is delighted that ex-England player and manager Glenn Hoddle chose to become an ambassador for the concept. Having played and managed at some of the world’s most iconic stadiums, Glenn noticed that although the quality of stadiums worldwide has improved greatly over time, the quality of viewing experience for the fans has not.

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